Raw Dynasty: Your Pet’s Health is Our Priority

Raw Dynasty: Your Pet’s Health is Our Priority

Raw Dynasty: Your Pet’s Health is Our Priority

Raw Dynasty

Raw Dynasty was started in 2022 after years of working through dietary challenges and sensitive digestive systems in our own cats. After encountering problem after problem with commercial cat food, our team decided to dig deeper and find out how we can fix these problems at home. After researching, our team determined what mix of raw foods would create a balanced diet that meets all nutritional needs of cats with no risky fillers. We are proud of what we have created and happily feed my cats these recipes daily. We know our meats are coming from trustworthy farmers that practice ethical farming and provide all-natural ingredients to my recipes. Our team has seen the many benefits of a raw diet firsthand, with our most rewarding benefit likely being odorless, solid poops and less frequent pooping, saving us cat lovers the trouble of buying air fresheners as well as frequent litter purchases. We still face a challenge from veterinarians we encounter who do not trust raw diets or are uneducated on raw diets. Fortunately for us cat lovers, the expertise and knowledge about raw diets is consistently expanding and more and more research is being done to support the many benefits of raw diets. We hope that you consider Raw Dynasty when you consider transitioning your cat or cats to a raw diet.

The Cat Food Problem

If you have a cat, chances are you have found a brand of cat food that your cat loves and you have remained loyal to that brand. Do you know about all of the ingredients in your cat’s commercialized canned food or kibble? What if we told you there were numerous fillers in canned food and kibble that contain little to no nutritional value and may put your cat’s health at risk? You are paying for food that does not contribute to your cat’s health in any way except to make them feel full.

Some of the common fillers found in pet food are:

Gluten and grain which offer minimal nutritional value and often times grains do not get broken down after being consumed by cats and dogs
Soy is a primary contributor to allergies and can lead to sneezing, swelling, and itching in cats and dogs
Animal fat which comes from animal tissues and can sometimes be preserved in butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and is known as a cancer-causing agent.

What to Expect

Raw Dynasty is happy to provide full transparency of what is going into your pet’s food. All of our products are all-natural and locally sourced from farms in Vermont, USA. Our commitment to our customers and their fur babies is to always provide fresh, quality, ingredients locally sourced from farmers who practice ethical and sustainable farming.

Raw Diet Benefits

The benefits of a raw diet for cats are rooted in the concept that cats are obligate carnivores, meaning they need to eat meat to survive. Some of the benefits we see as cat lovers proudly feeding raw diets are:

Better skin and haircoat
Fewer medical issues
Improved hydration, reducing urinary problems
o 75-80% water in raw diets and only 10% water in dry diets!
Higher protein content causes more satisfaction and cats can become less hungry
o Less hunger means less obesity and overeating
Healthier, cleaner teeth
Smaller, less frequent and less smelly poop

The Challenge Against Raw Diet

In a recent visit to my local veterinarian, I told the vet tech I was raising my kittens on a raw diet. I was later called upon by the veterinarian to discuss the matter. The veterinarian had recommended the kittens be put on canned food or dry food made for kittens. She told me that from her position, she was inclined to make recommendations because there is research and science that backs these diets, while there isn’t any research or evidence backing raw diets. That is changing.

Raw Dynasty’s position here is that if there isn’t science to back it, why don’t we work towards the validation that raw diets are sufficient and better nutritional sources. Did the veterinarian know that the food she recommended contained some of the fillers mentioned above? Raw Dynasty contains only the ingredients that your cat needs and nothing more. Why would anyone choose something that puts their pet at risk when there is a better option? The raw diet is not only a cleaner option for our cats and kittens, it reduces our annual number of vet visits due to dietary issues and downstream health problems such as obesity or urinary problems. Perhaps this veterinarian would show support of a raw diet had there been more studies and efforts to offer raw food in a safe and ethical manner. That is what we are working towards here at Raw Dynasty by offering a balanced raw diet and ensuring your cat will have all the nutrients they need by sampling the recipes with our very own cats at home.

Rising Scientific Support for Raw Diets

Dr. Karen Becker, DVM, a veterinarian and educator on pet health, diet and longevity, recently addressed the common pet food myth “Raw food is dangerous, kibble is safe” by sharing her insight that “all types of pet food have different types of risks, but kibble has more mycotoxin recalls, vitamin overdoses and salmonella recalls than all other food categories combined”. It is evident that a raw diet is a healthier and less risky option for your cat’s health, and we are beginning to see science and veterinarians who support us cat lovers by encouraging raw diets.