Raw Dynasty was created in 2021 after realizing the challenge of sensitive digestive systems in our pets. We went down every avenue to find a solution from veterinarian encouraged brands for digestive problems, to brands breeders promoted for our specific breed. Unfortunately, nothing was working and our beloved pets were having chronic diarrhea and poop that would stink up the whole house. We found light in our struggle, however. We learned that cats were entirely able to eat completely raw meat and when done correctly, they will live a better life. From our research and continued concern for the health and well-being of our pets, we developed a recipe that works! It has brought us relief and we want to share it with the many pet owners who may be struggling to find a food that is best for their furry family members. We are grateful to have found a 100% all-natural recipe that our pets love and we don’t have to worry about any unknown additives. We proudly source all our ingredients fresh from local farms and our products are packaged using only materials sourced within the United States. We believe that we should know what is going into our pets foods so we are excited to share Raw Dynasty with you and your pets!

Raw Dynasty Board of Directors