BALANCE - Chicken Recipe - Month Supply
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All natural, organic, small batch pet food.

Sustainable, nutrient-dense, and locally sourced food for your fur babies.

Our products are locally sourced from local farms that practice organic, sustainable farming. We want the best for your furry humans. It's time to ditch the store bought, pre-packaged unknown ingredients. With Raw Dynasty you know where your cat's food is coming from!

Locally Sourced Ingredients

Premium quality, 100% organic, and made in small batches. Raw Dynasty is proud to provide quality locally sourced meat to you.

Premium Quality

Our Commitment

Our commitment to you is to always provide fresh, quality, ingredients locally sourced from farmers who practice ethical and sustainable farming.


"We no longer spend money on different litter deodorizing solutions because the raw diet made our two cats have odorless poops!"


"I've spent so much time contemplating the switch to a raw diet. I finally found Raw Dynasty and it gives me perfect portions for my cat's meal time. It is a super convenient option for those of us too busy to make our own raw mix!"

Meet Our Founders

As cat lovers themselves, our founders started Raw Dynasty after realizing many fillers were part of "organic and natural" pet food. Upset at this revelation, they began to create their own recipes in-house and introduced them to their cats and their kittens. Two years later they introduced Raw Dynasty to the world. Clean, raw, nutrient-dense, organic, and 100% all-natural pet food for your pets. Beats commercial and store bought products any day! Our founders would go as far as to say raw is a better option than the brands your vet is telling you would solve your cat's problems.