Transitioning Your Cat to a Raw Diet can be tough. Raw Dynasty is here to help!

Transitioning Your Cat to a Raw Diet can be tough. Raw Dynasty is here to help!

The Raw Dynasty Feeding Guide

Depending on your cat's current diet, there are different approaches to making the transition. We have outlined a guide below based on our experiences with numerous cats and feeding different foods previously i.e. other raw food brands, canned wet food, and kibble. 

The best recommendation is to immediately get kibble out of the house. Kibble contains fatty animal by-product that your cat likely finds irresistible. As a result, your cat will be able to smell the additives and will avoid eating anything else for as long as they can smell it. It is why kibble is such a big hit in commercial food. 


Transitioning Your Cat from other Raw Food or Wet Food to Raw Dynasty

While every cat is different, there is no exact way to transition each cat but we encourage a slow transition to allow your cat to properly adjust to our fresh, nutrient rich food.

  1. Begin by stopping any free feeding and get your cat into a routine of set meal times with 2 or 3 points in the day.
    1. Note: Your cat will realize the decline in food availability and naturally start eating more at their feeding times.
  2. Begin adding raw food to their meal time with a 25% Raw Dynasty and 75% current diet. Continue this mix for the next week while slowly adding more raw food to the mix.
  3. By the second week, your cat should be eating a 50/50 mix of Raw Dynasty and their previous food.
  4. After two weeks, their diet should be 100% Raw Dynasty and you can feed them as much of the container as they want! Since our diet is high protein, your cat may be fuller off of smaller portions than our set 4oz containers.


 Transitioning Your Cat from Kibble to Raw Dynasty

  1. Cut down on the amount of kibble you are feeding and follow a similar transition as above, but instead use 25% wet food and 75% kibble and slowly increase the amount of wet food.
    1. Note: Transition from kibble directly to raw diet is far more challenging because kibble is often made with fatty animal by-product that your cat likely finds irresistible. Breaking the kibble addiction is the first step, so we encourage a transition to wet food prior to a transition to Raw Dynasty.
  2. You can approach the kibble and wet food mix in various ways.
    1. Crush the kibble and sprinkle it over the wet food.
    2. Add warm water to the kibble for a day or two. Add wet food to the mix after a day or two and slowly increase the amount of wet food over the course of a week.


This guide is a great starting place for the transition to a healthier option for your cat or cats! As always, we encourage you to contact us at with any questions or concerns!