Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long can I leave the raw food out?

    We recommend not leaving the raw food out longer than 6 hours, but raw food can be left out for about 12 hours if the room is a cooler temperature. The meat will likely dry out on the top but it will not go bad. Our serving sizes are portioned to prevent having to leave the meat out for an extended time.

  • Can I refreeze the raw meat?

    Yes, you absolutely can. It is best if the meat is kept cold throughout the process. If your cat does not eat the entire container of food, you can also defrost and scoop some out and then freeze the remaining meat for another feeding time. Bacteria growth is slowed when meat is cold, so refreezing is safe.

  • Why is my cat suddenly eating so much more than before?

    Cats will be quick to binge eat the all-natural food source. They have been nutrient starved from other foods and are likely enjoying the sudden upgrade in their food. Intake usually drops after their bodies are conditioned to the all-natural food and they realize the nutrient rich food is here to stay.

  • My cat is peeing a lot more now. Is that normal?

    Raw food is high in moisture and cats, naturally, do not drink a lot. As a result, the moisture rich meat in our products causes your cat to pee more than before now that he or she is properly hydrated.

  • My cat is not pooping as much and may be constipated, what should I do?

    Raw fed cats are known for having less frequent bowel movements. Many raw fed cats will only poop once a day or once every 2-3 days with a small, firm and nearly odorless poop!